About Seal Now

A local mom and pop business with aspirations to help Hoosiers all across Central indiana

Committed to Excellence in Concrete and Wood Sealing

At Seal Now LLC, we take pride in being an industry leader with a unique process and high-quality commercial grade product line for residential and commercial application. Our sealant process for wood and concrete carries a 25-year manufacturer guarantee that it will not wear out of the concrete or wood once applied by our technicians. This permanent protection will ensure that your outdoor investment will last many years without additional annual upkeep and replacement.

Please contact us for information about our superior services and products that include deck restoration, deck staining, surface sealants for concrete, wood, and masonry, and more. 

Services include an initial walk-through and estimate of areas to be cleaned and sealed. Next comes a professional surface wash to prepare the surface to be sealed. Finally, Seal Now will apply the sealer to dry surfaces and mark off areas to dry before vehicle or foot traffic on sealed concrete.