The Seal Now Process

Wood Sealing Process

Many homeowners install decks and other wooden exterior hardscapes to a property, only to realize later that they neglected to seal the wood, or have only applied a topical sealer that degrades immediately after application. This results in structurally weaker wood and promotes the growth and development of mold, mildew, and various fungi. Protect the investment you’ve already made with Seal Now permanent deck sealer.

Concrete Sealing Process

In most cases unprotected concrete will show signs of damage within a few short years after being poured. Building and concrete contractors only add a seal to aid in the curing process but not to protect the longevity of the surface. Cleaning, waterproofing and sealing your concrete will protect your costly investment and greatly slow down the damaging effects of water, ice and natural elements to your concrete.

Decorative Concrete Sealers

Protect and beautify your walkway, patio or porch with our premier acrylic top sealers for exposed aggregate and stamped concrete.