Exterior Concrete Staining

Update the exterior concrete for your driveway, pool deck, patio or walkway​

Beautify with Color Shield

Upgrade your concrete pool deck, patio, driveway and more.. with Seal Now color shield and sealer. A revolutionary system for adding color to newly placed cured concrete or rejuvenating old standard broom finished exterior concrete. Color Shield utilizes UV stable pigments in conjunction with a sealer to help repel water, stains, acids, and oils that can deteriorate concrete.

A Fresh Concrete Look

Seal now color shield with over 30 different colors to dramatically update the curb appeal of your home’s driveway, pool concrete, walkway or patio.

Seal Now’s non-yellowing, natural look with color variation that absorbs into porous concrete to create a modeled look. A Siloxane Modified Methyl Methacrylate formula provides excellent adhesion to unsealed or untreated, clean concrete substrates.

A unique Siloxane Modified Methyl Methacrylate formulation provides superior water and salt resistance than standard local sealers used to protect exterior concrete. Improved resistance to de-icing road salts, pool decks with saltwater pool systems, rain, sleet and snow are achieved due to our advanced chemical reactive formula.

(not recommended for previously sealed or colored concrete, SEE decorative sealers and our commercial concrete stain products)

Services include an initial walk-through and estimate of areas to be cleaned and sealed. Next comes a professional surface wash to prepare the surface to be sealed. Finally, Seal Now will apply the sealer to dry surfaces and mark off areas to dry before vehicle or foot traffic on sealed concrete.